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The New Bambino Mio Swim Nappy

EN - Swim

  • Easy to use and is the ultimate solution for your baby in the water as no additional nappy needs to be worn with this product.
  • Concealed water resistant layer and leak-proof legs offer containment while in the water.*
  • Super soft cotton terry lining is beautifully soft against your baby’s skin.
  • Drawstring waistband means it’s easy to put on and is comfortable and secure.
  • Made from a lightweight fabric so it doesn’t weigh your baby down in the water.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried.
  • Made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inner laminated to polyurethane. Outer 100% polyester

pink flamingotutti fruitipink petal

deep sea yellow


Review by Danielle

Love this swim nappy, love the range of designs available. Good quality and works well, i bought the smallest size for my 8 week old baby who is quite small and it fits well and will still fit her until she is about 5-6 months old so i am very happy with that. I do use this with a Happy Nappy cover.Posted on 31/01/2018
Great alternative to disposables

Review by Emily

This product is amazing, love how colorful they are and wash really well. I do however use with a happy nappy, I know it’s not needed, but am quite weary!Posted on 22/11/2017
Great product

Review by Emmajamie

I had one for my son years ago and I think they are a great alternative to disposable nappies for swimming. Saves you money and as you wash your swimming kit you can add these in tooPosted on 22/07/2017

Review by Piper

such an adorable product, used with a liner for extra protection but probably not needed.

Posted on 21/07/2017

Loved the product, disappointed with the service!

Review by Susan

I love these swim nappies. The variety of designs is fantastic and the quality can’t be faulted. However, I was disappointed to discover the swim nappies are available in Morrisons supermarket for £7.50 rather than the £10 I paid online. I was also unable to use the 15% off voucher when I signed up to the website.Posted on 11/07/2017
Beautiful Nappy

Review by Rebecca Mitchell

I have the pineapple print nappy for my now 3 month old. I LOVE it! It’s a stunning design; fits perfectly; easy to get on and off and drys super quick. Sooooooo much nicer than disposable swimmers. I am so pleased with it I’ve bought one in the next size already so we don’t have to wait. Thank you Bambino Mio xPosted on 25/05/2017

Review by Clair

I bought one of these to try, after using the big bulky disposable swim nappies. This is so much better! We’ve had no ‘accidents’ and it’s very comfortable for my lil boy, the others used to leave red marks around legs! His swim suits fits lovely over it too! Great purchase!Posted on 31/07/2015
very good value for money

Review by Yaz_22

Great for swimming – I have never used reusable swimming nappies before, I was a bit worried about Bec going in the pool without a double nappy on. Nice firm fit around the legs and nice fit on the body as well. LO is long and lean with not much of a tummy and the swimsuit fitted lovely. Very good value for money.Posted on 27/08/2014
great product for swimming

Review by jenifer

Easy to put on, easy to clean, never had a spillage and they look cute too!Posted on 22/07/2014

Review by Ems_Baker

This is wonderful to use for swim sessions and it is a relief not to deal with any soggy disposable nappies anymore!Posted on 16/07/2014

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