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The New Bambino Mio Swim Nappy

EN - Swim

  • Easy to use and is the ultimate solution for your baby in the water as no additional nappy needs to be worn with this product.
  • Concealed water resistant layer and leak-proof legs offer containment while in the water.*
  • Super soft cotton terry lining is beautifully soft against your baby’s skin.
  • Drawstring waistband means it’s easy to put on and is comfortable and secure.
  • Made from a lightweight fabric so it doesn’t weigh your baby down in the water.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried.
  • Made from 80% cotton, 20% polyester, inner laminated to polyurethane. Outer 100% polyester

pink flamingotutti fruitipink petal

deep sea yellow


Review by Danielle

Love this swim nappy, love the range of designs available. Good quality and works well, i bought the smallest size for my 8 week old baby who is quite small and it fits well and will still fit her until she is about 5-6 months old so i am very happy with that. I do use this with a Happy Nappy cover.Posted on 31/01/2018
Great alternative to disposables

Review by Emily

This product is amazing, love how colorful they are and wash really well. I do however use with a happy nappy, I know it’s not needed, but am quite weary!Posted on 22/11/2017
Great product

Review by Emmajamie

I had one for my son years ago and I think they are a great alternative to disposable nappies for swimming. Saves you money and as you wash your swimming kit you can add these in tooPosted on 22/07/2017

Review by Piper

such an adorable product, used with a liner for extra protection but probably not needed.

Posted on 21/07/2017

Loved the product, disappointed with the service!

Review by Susan

I love these swim nappies. The variety of designs is fantastic and the quality can’t be faulted. However, I was disappointed to discover the swim nappies are available in Morrisons supermarket for £7.50 rather than the £10 I paid online. I was also unable to use the 15% off voucher when I signed up to the website.Posted on 11/07/2017
Beautiful Nappy

Review by Rebecca Mitchell

I have the pineapple print nappy for my now 3 month old. I LOVE it! It’s a stunning design; fits perfectly; easy to get on and off and drys super quick. Sooooooo much nicer than disposable swimmers. I am so pleased with it I’ve bought one in the next size already so we don’t have to wait. Thank you Bambino Mio xPosted on 25/05/2017

Review by Clair

I bought one of these to try, after using the big bulky disposable swim nappies. This is so much better! We’ve had no ‘accidents’ and it’s very comfortable for my lil boy, the others used to leave red marks around legs! His swim suits fits lovely over it too! Great purchase!Posted on 31/07/2015
very good value for money

Review by Yaz_22

Great for swimming – I have never used reusable swimming nappies before, I was a bit worried about Bec going in the pool without a double nappy on. Nice firm fit around the legs and nice fit on the body as well. LO is long and lean with not much of a tummy and the swimsuit fitted lovely. Very good value for money.Posted on 27/08/2014
great product for swimming

Review by jenifer

Easy to put on, easy to clean, never had a spillage and they look cute too!Posted on 22/07/2014

Review by Ems_Baker

This is wonderful to use for swim sessions and it is a relief not to deal with any soggy disposable nappies anymore!Posted on 16/07/2014

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The New Bambino mio miosolo all-in-one nappy


  • The size of the nappy can be changed using the adjustable poppers and hook and loop fastenings to suit the shape of your little one.
  • Concealed super absorbent core and stay-dry inner layer keep moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it cool and dry.
  • Stretchy water resistant outer fabric for even the most active babies.
  • Unique pull out tab system makes removing the core from inside the nappy as simple as possible – this improves washing performance and speeds up drying time.
  • Super stay soft fabric remains soft wash after wash, providing the most comfortable nappy for your baby’s bottom.
  • Available in a range of funky colours & designs.
  • Made from 100% polyester laminated to polyurethane, inner: 100% polyester, core: 85% polyester, 15% nylon.

*True for most, but due to the wide range of babies’ shapes and sizes, this cannot be guaranteed.


Machine wash warm up to 60°C. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Only soak the nappy core. Do not dry clean. May be tumble dried cold/low. To get the best out of your nappies, we recommend washing them at 40°C with non-biological washing detergent and one scoop of miofresh nappy cleanser (15mL). Air dry your nappies away from direct heat. Washing at higher temperatures and frequent tumble drying can result in premature deterioration of your nappies

raccoon retreat

miosolo nappy setmiosoft two-piece nappy mioliners


Throw away your disposables in exchange for these

Review by Bonnie

I was very hesitant about trying this brand. One day I finally gave in and made the purchase of “starry night” from Amazon. Waiting so long to try this brand was the worst thing. I have fallen in love with bambino mio (AIO). They are my absolute favorite. They fit my chunky 35lb 18 month old great and plenty of room to grow in. These are always on top of my diaper stash!! Can’t wait to buy more when the funds are availablePosted on 05/02/2018
Fabrics could be more natural

Review by Jurgita

Hello, I am surprised that fabtics especially inner ones are not natural… no cotton. All polester, disappointed!Posted on 22/01/2018
First reusable nappy experience

Review by Jade

The miosolo all in ones are the first reusable nappies we have tried using and so far so good. They wash and dry easily and quickly, we currently just have 7 of the nappies plus 3 boosters. We need to purchase more nappies and boosters as currently I’m having to do washing just for these to ensure we have enough. I tend to throw poo nappies in the machine for a rinse wash alone and then throw all nappies in with any baby clothes to wash altogether. We wash on around 40 degrees and either dry near the radiator or in the tumble dryer on a low setting. We’ve also been using the miofresh detergent and this really helps to freshen the nappies. They are definitely as easy as disposable nappies to use and if you’re washing baby clothes regularly anyway it’s no extra washing! The materials are much nicer and softer next to babies skin compared to disposables and you don’t get the chemical smell! We have had a couple of wee leaks but think that may be because we only washed the nappies once prior to using. These have become less since we have washed the nappies more – last night my son slept 9 hours with a nappy and booster and we had no wee leaks. I’ve not had a single poo leak with these nappies! I began using when my son was 8 weeks old and weighing around 11 pounds. We currently use the nappies on the smallest setting and they fit him perfectly. They fit under all his clothes so far which I was concerned about. This nappy is bulkier than a close up one we have but not too bulky. We’ve been using alongside cheeky reusable wipes and love that we have no waste!

My only negative comments would be that considering reusable nappies are generally used as they’re better for the environment, everything came packaged in a lot of unnecessary plastic packaging. I also wish the website or the products came with more advice for washing and how to wear the nappies, when to use boosters etc. I wasn’t sure at the beginning how to deal with poo nappies, how to adjust the leg sizing, when to use boosters etc. and had to do my own research separate to this website. Some additional guidance for cloth newbies would be fab! 🙂Posted on 12/12/2017

Love miosolo

Review by Louise

Originally I bought these just to try out and they were on offer at Aldi. Initially I felt they were a bit on the big side for my LO and I had a lot of leaks, in hindsight I think it was lack of confidence in using cloth nappies. Using disposable we soon realised what an awful chemical smell came with them, I decided to stop playing and go full time onto cloth, we love them! No more chemical smell, the nappies smell lovely fresh out of the wash and it’s no hardship once you get enough nappies. They wash lovely and dry quickly, we’ve even been using reusable wet wipes too. I love all the prints I’ve bought, and it’s true you become a little addictive to buying all the prints. We have no problem with this nappy at night time either, I don’t even need a booster in them, but my LO doesn’t seem to urinate loads at night. Love these nappies I’m an avid fan and would recommendPosted on 09/12/2017
Top brand

Review by Helen

I was initially hesitant about trying cloth as I normally use Naty but was tempted by the print in Aldi and purchased one, haven’t looked back since! I love the solo and it fits my chunky LO perfectly with room to grow in. I started using the solo during the day and Naty at night, but have recently taken the plunge and using solo full time.

Posted on 22/11/2017

Most modern reusable I’ve tried

Review by Lucy Williamson

I’d agree with all the other reviews here, but would add a couple of points.

The Miosolos dry really quickly – I wash mine at 30 degrees on a long wash at 1200 rpm, they dry overnight on an airer.
They’re far less bulky than other brands I’ve tried, but still very absorbent. I have to save my others for at home only, as little man’s trousers won’t go over them!
They’re very easy to use and reassemble after washing (pro tip – if your other half is struggling to get their heads round reusables, sit and refold them with a glass of wine and some good tv one evening; they’ll be more confident handling them).

Posted on 21/07/2017

On cloud 9!

Review by Nina Preff

Recently got the cloud 9 print for our stash, and love the way it looks on my LO! No leaks, no marks. Definitely adding some more to my stash.
Got from my local supermarket than online.Posted on 17/07/2017
Miosolos – My go to cloth nappy

Review by Emma

I’ve been using bambinomio’s miosolo all in one nappies for just over a year now along with various other brands and I must say that the nappies I find myself using the most are the miosolos!
These nappies have fit my son perfectly from day 1 and are still fitting him amazingly well over a year later!
The miosolos also wash up really well and dry super fast so they are ready to go again in no time at all!
We are still using them without boosting too in the day and are yet to have a leak with them.
They aren’t bulky at all, look and feel super soft and I must say the prints are all to die for!
I am proud to say I’ve acquired all prints and absolutely adore every single bambinomio product I have.
Defiantly worth the investment if you ask me!
Posted on 29/05/2017
Very happy 🙂

Review by Samantha

We started to wear cloth diapers and the truth that we love Bambino Mio. It adapts to our baby of 3 months and is very comfortable to put on and take away, besides do not waste time preparing the diapers 🙂 a bliss!Posted on 01/02/2017
Love these nappies!

Review by Kathleen

After realising how many nappies were thrown away with our first son, choosing to use reusable nappies for our second son was a no-brainer. I wish we had made the decision sooner, they really are as easy as disposables. I had reservations about how much more washing we would be doing, but I’ve found that we haven’t had to do any more as they can be thrown in with babies normal clothes! 5 star rating, if you are thinking about using reusable nappies, buy these!Posted on 23/11/2016
Miosolo – Brilliant

Review by MissLotte

Pregnant? Never fear – if you want to use Cloth these are my recommendation! Although, I can’t recommend anything else, as we haven’t used any others. During my pregnancy we decided we wanted to use Cloth Nappies and settled on all in ones after reading about the different types. Bambino Miosolo’s are readily available to us at supermarkets (Asda, Aldi and Boots mainly where we live) so we stock piled Nappies (buying when on offer and washed 3 times before use), Miosoft liners and Mio Boosters (online) and Miofresh (Asda) until we had about 6 months of the later items and enough Nappies to last a wash/dry/wear cycle. My baby boy was born 6lb 14oz and I started using my Miosolo’s once he reached around 8lb (not quite 4 weeks) and they have been brilliant. He’s 13lb now and still on the smallest setting, however as he’s a heavy wetter and we were using disposables at night as we found it difficult to get the boosters in with the nappy at its smallest. Last night we put the nappy on the middle setting and put a booster in and he slept from 10pm to 5pm with no leaks! Amazing! I won’t be buying anymore disposables, which was the ultimate nappy goal, as we now have 26 Miosolo’s and 9 boosters which is quite sufficient for one bambino. Check your local supermarkets for great deals during baby events on Miosolo’s, you might not get all the patterns you want (they are all cute though) but it’s the most affordable way to get them and build your stash.Posted on 29/10/2016
Designer bum!

Review by Vicky

I absolutely love the Miosolo, by far the best quality nappies. The designs are all lovely and high quality colouring too.

The best part for me is the brilliant pocket that makes putting the nappies back together easy. The nappies have brilliant sizing around the legs which meant they suited my skinny legged lad and now my chubby thighed lady, so versatile. They’ve also lasted well over three years with correct washing to help their absorbency. The velcro is still going strong and we rarely leak, only if they’ve been on ‘too’ long.

They are quite packed out though, so it can be quite tricky for my baby who tries to move around. I also find the leg cause a bit of leakage through the stitches if there has been a poo. They also take up a lot of room in the changing bag. All this aside, they are still my favourite cloth nappies and by far the most reliable.Posted on 09/04/2016

Miosolos marshmallow

Review by Lizzie

I ordered two of these to try and I’m so pleased with them I’m planning on purchasing the girls set for my little bambino.
I bought a few different ones to try such as cheap pockets from Amazon and some pop ins. In order of preference, I would say I most prefer the miosolos, then the close pop ins and then the pockets. The miosolos are very soft inside and out, they feel smooth next to baby’s skin. They have never leaked even when left on for about 4 hours. My daughter isnt a big wetter so maybe we just have been lucky so far!! They are very absorbent – we don’t use additional boosters but I would over night- yet to use them overnight though! The miosolos are also the least bulky and the closest to a disposable. Most trousers fit over these just fine, but the pop ins are the most bulky and my 5 month old needs 6-9m.
The only issue for me personally is the price of the miosolos. I couldn’t afford a whole stash of them but the sets offer good value so I’ll buy one set. I would recommend them. They are my favourites 🙂Posted on 28/12/2015
Lovely soft lining

Review by Viki B

Beautifully soft lining in these nappies and they come in lovely prints, Circus is my favourite – I started using cloth nappies and my sons nappy rash disappeared almost straightaway the absorbancy is amazing!!! Highly recommend – Thank You xxPosted on 02/12/2015
by far the best reusable nappy

Review by Beth

These nappies are by far the best reusable nappy you can by. I have also bought some tots bots ones but they do not come close to Mio nappies. My daughter is on the small side and therefore most reusables are far too bulky and do not fit under clothing, but these nappies do and are not bulky at all compared to other brands. The absorbency is excellent and when used with the mio liners are extremely efficient , no leaks yet. I would highly recommended these nappies over any other reusable.Posted on 19/08/2014

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Real Nappies Wales FAQ’s: Environmental Impact

Real Nappies Wales Information and help With Real Nappies 


Environmental Impact


Each baby will go through around 5,000 nappies in a 2 ½ year period which equates to 156 black bags and will weigh approximatley the same as a family car!

Whatever type of nappy you use it will have an environmental impact. However, disposable nappies do cause a significant problem to our crowded landfill sites, where they take around 300 years to biodegrade and during the process of decomposition release methane gas, a more potent greenhouse gas than Co2. If you wish to use Real Nappies and reduce the environmental impact you can do the following:

  • Choose more environmentally friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.
  • Use ‘A’ rated appliances
  • Wash at 40, or 60c. Do not boil wash
  • Do not use fabric conditioner – it is unnecessary and reduces absorbency
  • Use eco-friendly washing powders
  • Minimise tumble drying – line dry, or use an airer
  • Do not iron nappies
  • Try and encourage potty training from around 18 months of age.


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Real Nappies Wales FAQ’s: Fabric Guide

Real Nappies Wales Information and help With Real Nappies 


Fabric Guide


Real nappy manufacturers use a lot of different fabrics to make real nappies so here is a quick guide to some types of fabrics available.


This is the traditional choice of fabric for real nappies, has been used for many years and is still a favourite today. Cotton is absorbent and hard wearing; it can be washed at very high temperatures and is used almost exclusively by nappy laundry services. It can become slightly stiff after washing (a burst in the tumble dryer can sort this out) and it can take a little longer to dry than some manmade fabrics. Cotton comes in lots of different colours, unbleached and organic.

Cotton facts:

  • It breathes easily as a result of its fibre structure and keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter because it is a good conductor of heat.
  • Cotton has a high absorbency rate and holds up to 27 times its own weight in water.

Unfortunately cotton is vulnerable to a large number of pests so pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers are widely used and residues may remain in the fabric. Organic cotton is grown without chemicals and therefore does no harm to either environment or workers. Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

Types of cotton fabric:

Woven – Smooth on both sides and very absorbent.

Terry fabric – Deep pile and very absorbent.

Flannel fabric – Smooth on one side, lightly brushed on the other.

Velour fabric – Velours is a knitted fabric with tiny loops on one side that have been shaved off. Velours is a more ‘fragile’ fabric. Polyester is normally added to reduce shrinkage, increase durability and prevent the fabric from loosing shape but 100% cotton Velours is available.

Muslin – is a type of finely-woven cotton fabric. Muslin is most typically a closely-woven unbleached or white cloth, produced from corded cotton yarn.


Is known as a green crop and so has become a very popular fabric for making real nappies. Bamboo has a very quick growing cycle and needs less water than cotton and no pesticides to grow. Bamboo is a very absorbent material and can hold up to 60% more moisture than cotton. It is a very soft fabric, naturally anti-bacterial and will stay soft after washing. The drawbacks to bamboo are that it can take a lot longer than cotton to dry and it does not like direct heat so drying your bamboo nappies on the radiator is not recommended.

Bamboo facts:

  • It is the fastest growing grass and can shoot up a yard or more a day and does not require replanting after harvesting because its vast root network continually sprouts new shoots.
  • Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable

The manufacturing processes where bamboo the plant is transformed into bamboo the fabric are where the sustainability and eco-friendly lustre of bamboo is tarnished because of the heavy chemicals that are often required.

Types of bamboo fabric:

Bamboo Terry – A silky textured terry fabric woven with bamboo loops embedded in a polyester base (usually 90% Bamboo 10% Polyester).

Bamboo jersey – not suitable for real nappies.

Bamboo velour – A knitted fabric with tiny loops on one side which have been shaved to create a velvet-like surface. Cotton adds strength to this fabric and prevents it from going out of shape.

Bamboo fleece – Is super-soft and has been mechanically brushed in order to create its soft texture (70% bamboo; 30% cotton).


Hemp is another very absorbent material used to make real nappies and it also has a greener tag than other fabrics. As a crop it requires no pesticides or fertilisers and is one of the most eco-friendly fabric fibres known to us. It is used as a fabric for inserts more than nappies as hemp can become quite stiff after washing. Hemp is also not as quick acting as some fabrics and is sometimes best when mixed with another quicker acting fabric like microfibre. Natural Hemp is a course fibre but combining it with cotton softens the texture without compromising its absorbency.

Hemp facts:

  • Hemp is considered a high-yield crop and produces significantly more fibre per square foot than cotton.
  • Hemp is more water absorbent than cotton and has 3 times the tensile strength.

Types of hemp fabric:

Hemp fleece – The fleece has been mechanically brushed in order to create its soft, fuzzy texture (55% hemp 45% organic cotton).

Hemp jersey – not suitable for real nappies.

Hemp Terry – Hemp Stretch Terry is 47% hemp; 38% organic cotton; 15% polyester with tiny loops on one side. This fabric has a raised nap of tiny loops on the one side embedded into a knitted base which is flat on the reverse.


Microfibre is a manmade material using fibers combined to form yarns. Microfibre is used for real nappies because the microfiber material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the skin cool and dry. It is also a very quick acting fabric and because of the way it traps moisture in between its fibres rather than on its surface it is also quick drying. Microfibre is used to make nappy inserts and nappies; it is not as absorbent as some natural fabrics but can be used in conjunction with these materials to boost its absorbency.

Microfibre facts:

  • Prevents the growth of bacteria inside the fabric.
  • While many microfibers are made of polyester, they can also be composed of polyamide (nylon) or other polymers.

Microfibres are not made from a renewable resource and they are not biodegradable.


Fleece is a synthetic made from 100% polyester fabric. Fleece does not absorb wetness it sucks the moisture away. It is breathable, lightweight and fast drying making it a great fabric for real nappies. Fleece is either used in real nappies as a liner or lining of a real nappy or as an outer cover (wrap). As a liner Microfleece is usually used, this is the lightest version of fleece that is available. Microfleece is a thin and lightweight soft fleece fabric that will wick moisture away from the skin so keeping baby’s skin dry. Fleece is also used as an outer cover (wrap), fleece wraps allow moisture to evaporate and so keeps the nappy area cool. Fleece wraps are best used for night time and are excellent for babies who have very sensitive skin or who have skin conditions such as eczema. Fleece is very easy to care for and dries very quickly.

Fleece facts:

  • Fleece is a vegan alternative to wool that can be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Microfleece resists staining, and does not hold faeces like other fabrics can. Just shake off over the toilet.

Other advantages of fleece material is that it is very comfortable due to its light weight and anti-perspiration structure and fleece material allows the moisture to evaporate, while blocking the access of humidity from the outside. Among the disadvantages of fleece include its easy flammability and the generation of static.


Wool is widely used for outer covers (wraps) because of its unique properties. The weave of the fabric allows wool to wick away moisture from the body and release it into the air to leave skin cool. Wool is a natural insulator to keep you warm in winter and naturally breathable to keep you cool in summer. Wool is naturally antibacterial due to lanolin – a pale yellow oil found on sheeps wool. Lanolin also gives wool its water resistant property. Wool wraps come in 2 forms the first being in the shape of a conventional wrap with poppers or a Velcro fastening the other being knitted wool in the shape of shorts or trousers. Wool is best used at night as compression wicking might happen when baby is up and about (moisture pushed through the wool when baby is sitting for a length of time). Wool wraps are not washed after each use but just hung up to dry, once dry the wrap is ready to be used again. They need to be hand washed in olive soap and re lanolised every 3-4 washes.

Wool facts:

  • Wool will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.
  • Wool is a renewable resource that can be shorn from sheep annually. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics

Wool is almost entirely non-allergenic although some people do have a natural allergy to Lanolin.


PUL stands for polyurethane laminate and is used to make wraps, All in One and pocket nappies. This coating is water resistant but breathable. The fabric that it is applied to may be cotton or have various amounts of polyester in it.

It is durable and can be washed and dried many times without losing its waterproof abilities. It can be washed in temperatures of up to 60°c but will last longer if hand washed or washed at 30 or 40°c along with your families other washing.

PUL facts:

  • As a general rule, solid colour PUL is made from polyester fabric, and printed PUL is usually made with cotton.
  • It was originally created for use in hospitals and other medical settings.

You can dry PUL nappies and wraps in the tumble dryer but it may shorten their lifespan, line drying is best. PUL must not be soaked in any chemical solution such as Napisan or oxy bleach products as it can destroy its waterproofing abilities.


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